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Your Excellency | James Henry Gooding 

Bronzeville The Musical | Cab Calloway 

Wonderfully Alice | Baker/White Knight 

Bronzeville The Musical | The Soilder 


Dram-Com | By Brandon Sapp & Beth Khan 

Featuring: Vanessa Vagle | Samantha Welch 

Brenden Furlong | CJ Lange 

Virtual Project

For Colored Boys Who Considered Suicide | 

By Keith Boykin 

Featuring: Joshua Smith | George Curtis | Kai Poe 

Shakespeare Self- Tape

The Tempest | Portraying Ariel 

Grenade | By Bruno Mars 

Choir Boy Self- Tape

Choir Boy | Junior 

Contemporary/Shakespeare Self Tape 

Stick Fly by Lydia R. Diamond | Portraying Kent 
The Tempest | Portraying Ferdinand 

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